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James Coleman Art Collection
James Coleman was born in Hollywood, California in 1949. As a youth, his creative abilities seemed to dominate his world. Though he lacked the athletic skills of his young friends, he more than made up for it with imagination and ingenuity. As a young man, his interest in filmmaking and fine art would mark the beginning of a long, successful career in animated films. Coleman began his career with Walt Disney Studios in the summer of 1969, when hi... Full Biography.
Pathway To The Sea Photo Pathway To The Sea, James Coleman
As Evening Unfolds Photo As Evening Unfolds, James Coleman
Our Sunset Photo Our Sunset, James Coleman
Golden Impression Photo Golden Impression, James Coleman
Pan On Board Photo Pan On Board, James Coleman
Venice Bridge Photo Venice Bridge, James Coleman
Blue Door Photo Blue Door, James Coleman
Moonlight in Venice Photo Moonlight in Venice, James Coleman
Green Door in Naples Photo Green Door in Naples, James Coleman
Stroll Along the Market Place Photo Stroll Along the Market Place, James Coleman
Tuscan Twilight Photo Tuscan Twilight, James Coleman
Summer Escape Photo Summer Escape, James Coleman
Splendiferous Picnic Photo Splendiferous Picnic, James Coleman
Green Door Photo Green Door, James Coleman
Splendiferous Picnic Photo Splendiferous Picnic, James Coleman
Golden Lilies Photo Golden Lilies, James Coleman
Fragrance in Full Bloom Photo Fragrance in Full Bloom, James Coleman
In the Glow of Midnight Photo In the Glow of Midnight, James Coleman
Immersed in Venice Romance Photo Immersed in Venice Romance, James Coleman
The Evening Begins Photo The Evening Begins, James Coleman
Green Door Photo Green Door, James Coleman
Golden Lilies Photo Golden Lilies, James Coleman
Afternoon Light Photo Afternoon Light, James Coleman
At Home in Paradise Photo At Home in Paradise, James Coleman
Adventures in the Woods Photo Adventures in the Woods, James Coleman
Red Door Photo Red Door, James Coleman
Evening Falls Photo Evening Falls, James Coleman
At Home In Paradise Photo At Home In Paradise, James Coleman
Green Door In Naples Photo Green Door In Naples, James Coleman
Embracing the Misty Light Photo Embracing the Misty Light, James Coleman
Artworks on Sale
Chemin Blanc aux Coquelicots Photo Chemin Blanc aux Coquelicots, Jean-Louis Honnet
Two Graces Photo Two Graces, Roberto Carbone
Born to the Stars Photo Born to the Stars, Schim Schimmel
Evening Dew Photo Evening Dew, Harold Silverman
Elegance Photo Elegance, Adriana Naveh
Untitled Photo Untitled, Unknown Artist
Elephants In The Wild Photo Elephants In The Wild, Graeme Stevenson
Four Season - Summer Photo Four Season - Summer, Jim Buckels
Ellisae Photo Ellisae, Rabow
Spot Light Photo Spot Light, Lena Sotskova
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Alfred Owles
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New Arrivals
An Ideal Spot - St. John Photo An Ideal Spot - St. John, John and Debora Scanlan
Arbor Photo Arbor, George Vincent
Flowers Of The Field Photo Flowers Of The Field, Ernest Walbourn
Falling In Love Photo Falling In Love, Zamy Steynovitz
Happy Hour Photo Happy Hour, E. Denis
Mary Photo Mary, Sergey Ignatenko
James Dean Photo James Dean, Stephen Fishwick
Tuscan Red Poppies Photo Tuscan Red Poppies, Sung Sam Park
Orca Moon Photo Orca Moon, Wyland
Mother And Daughter Photo Mother And Daughter, Claude Fossoux
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